Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Eau de Toilette

Size: 125ml
Sale price$169.95


In the lush green of Gaultier’s garden and his iconic fragrances, all sins are permitted. Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Beau Eau de Toilette does not hold back: the torso perfume bottle is all the rage with this aromatic and torrid woody eau de toilette, which is incredibly addictive. Amid the dense vegetation of this Garden of Pleasure, your senses play tricks on you. Tonka bean notes along with exotic coconut wood contrast with the notes of this bergamot men’s fragrance. Le Beau spells trouble with his powerful and seductive scent, which is enough to persuade you to commit a sin. Dare to listen to the whisper of temptation in your ear. 125ml (4.2 oz). Made in Spain.


  • Bergamot


  • Coconut wood


  • Tonka bean

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