Le Male Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense

Size: 75ml
Sale price$139.95



Jean-Paul Gaultier unveils a new fragrance with a woody intensity.

With Le Mâle le Parfum, Jean-Paul Gaultier offers a wave of charisma for the man who criss-crosses the world as one criss-crosses the ocean. With a confident hand, he leads his sailors to port and plays with the swell and adversity. An intense and stunning fragrance backed by a deep oriental accord.

Product benefit:
With this woody oriental, the boss is you! On the skin and the back of your clothes, its intense eau de parfum LE MALE LE PARFUM diffuses an officer's charisma that embarks the senses in its vibrant wake. Powerful, reassuring, masculine: get ready to have the wind in your sails.

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