Light Blue Eau de Toilette Travel Spray ( New Unboxed )

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Size: 10ml
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Fragrance Family: Fresh

Scent Type: Fresh Citrus & Fruit

Key Notes: Citrus, Apple, Bamboo

Fragrance Description:
 Experience the joy of Light Blue—this colorful, fresh, floral, and fruity eau de toilette reflects the sensuality of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Sicilian cedar combines with fresh notes of green apple, while the floral allure and spontaneity of bluebell capture the essence of a sunny, southern Italian summer. Feminine and resolute, the freshness of bamboo softens with a feminine bouquet of jasmine and white rose.

About the Bottle: A timeless design inspired by the classic DOLCE & GABBANA parfum, the bottle has a strong, confident, and feminine shape—reflecting today‘s modern woman. Its light blue cap evokes the clear skies of the Mediterranean.

10ml - Travel Piece Spray

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