Tresor La Nuit L'eau de Parfum

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Size: 100ml
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An olfactory treasure captured in a gem-like bottle. Created in the purest spirit of contemporary fine jewellery, an exceptional bottle, crafted by Lancôme. Finely cut with an admirably symmetrical glass weight, its original form is inspired by 1952’s original Trésor, a raw diamond chiselled into 75 facets.

Like a radiant, scintillating gemstone, its transparency reveals all the seduction of a delicately pink-tinged fragrance. Its crowning adornment is a black satin rose tied around its neck, further enhancing the absolute seductiveness of this treasure of femininity.

Sublimely presented, the fragrance simply radiates with pure desire. Quintessentially French elegance shows through the bottle’s every detail.

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